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About Mykulychyn

If you talk about Mykulychyn, it is difficult to choose which one to start points of interest. This is one of the most popular resorts in the Carpathian, because it is located in a beautiful corner of nature on the territory of the National Natural Park. Healthful air, mild climate and coniferous forests with their antibacterial effect makes it a unique place for rest and recreation for people with respiratory diseases. The river with a quiet backwaters, the most suitable for swimming, an abundance of wild berries, Carpathian meadows, filled with tart flavor of herbs - all this leads tourists to this region in summer. The resort is ready to receive visitors in the winter. Mykulychyn located near the famous ski resort Bukovel, Vorokhta and Yablunitsa. Very comfortable accommodation combined with a ski vacation Mykulychyn in modern well-known resorts. Attraction can be called and he Mykulychyn: this is the longest village in the Ukraine. It stretches for 44 kilometers and its total area of Mykulychyn surpasses even the regional center. Mykulychyn known and the fact that here in 1901 opened the first Ukrainian hotel "The Peoples Hotel." Do not be indifferent to Mykulychyn and beer drinkers, because here there is a brewery, which is preparing a four beers "Hutsul". Of particular interest is the taste of Honey beer brewed it and insist on the Carpathian honey and propolis from the apiary owner of the brewery.