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About Kirillovka

Kyrylivka - small town in the south of Zaporizhia Oblast, Ukraine, where about 1500 inhabitants. Territory Kyrylivka - it balneomud seaside natural resort. The unique geographical location of the resort, healing combination of sea and steppe air, curative mud, brine, sea water - creating perfect conditions for recovery and treatment of humans. Spa resort properties: silt mud Utlyuks'kyi and dairy lagoons, as well as hydrosulfide sodium chloride source, water is used for baths. Treatment of patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, peripheral nervous system, inflammatory gynecological diseases, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, the respiratory system. It is carried out effective treatment of psoriasis and chronic prostatitis. Resort Kyrylivka differs little precipitation in summer, sunny days are here even more than in Yalta. The water temperature in July reaches 27-28 ° C. The Azov Sea is not deep (average depth of 6 meters and a maximum 14 meters), differs sandy beach and clean bottom. According to the existing natural and climatic conditions at the bottom of the Azov Sea is very well developed marine flora and fauna, the water contains 92 chemical elements that are beneficial for the body and promotes its recovery. During the storm, the waves rise from the bottom of the mud bath. Doctors recommend a swim in the Azov Sea - at least 1-2 hours a day, and take sand baths - in fact in the sand contains a large number of bioactive substances that have a beneficial effect on the human body. Holiday season - from mid-June to mid-September, inclusive. Resort Kyrylivka more than 380 resorts, sanatoriums and many children's health camps. During the season here is resting about 3,2 million people. Kyrylivka always rich steppe honey, vegetables and fruits, melons and fish. Center Kyrylivka - a lot of private courtyards with one-and two-story houses that are happy to pass the summer vacationers. In the center of focus markets, stalls, shops, cinemas, attractions, night clubs, bank, branch Ukrtelecom. Situated in an excellent location: in addition to the coast of the Azov Sea, with the two sides it is washed estuaries - Milk and Utlyuks'kyi. Educated they spit - Peresyp and Fedotova - also strewn with recreation departments and pensions, which has recently been officially part Kyrylivka. Cos Siltings stretching 9 kilometers, is a chain of alternating resorts and holiday camps, camps for children. Spit as an area of health centers built up since the 70-ies of XX century. Base, located on the Siltings typically have spacious and green area and the capital building. Entertainment is focused within each base - dance halls, cinemas, cafes - everything in nostalgic good old days. The basic amount of recreation braids Peresyp and Fedotova Spit is located in the beach area. And even the base of the second line are located no farther than 200 meters from the edge of the sea. Fedotova Spit - this area is relatively young and holiday camps. The length of the spit Fedotova more than 20 km. It lies between the Azov Sea and the Utlyuks'kyi estuary passes through the village. Stepok and stretches to about. Biruchiy (reserve zone). At Fedotova spit (or Fedotko as her loving vacationers called) is located more than 150 resorts and 2 children's recreation center. Recreation, quite differ from each other, both on a large area, and the number and form of proposed rooms and services for tourists. The abundance of entertainment venues, shops, markets, cafes, a clear means of transport to different parts of the spit and the center Kyrylivka make Fedotko truly a paradise for those who like fun, teen parties and at the same time relaxing holiday in a tourist center. In fact, all resorts are located on the first line, and at bases in the second row, there is a solution to the estuary, a small depth and warm water, which are ideal for bathing children, the bottom is replete with curative mud. In the popular estuary fishing, and a couple of years ago there started windsurfing school. The interesting part is the village of Fedotova Spit Stepok, which is also part of the resort Kyrylivka. Recreation centers and resorts located in Styopka provide the best opportunity for fans of family entertainment. A quiet sultry evenings you can relax under the shade of thick Ukrainian gardens, the private sector. A village road runs in the protected part of the island Biruchiy. In Kirillovka rest with pleasure not only residents of Ukraine, TZ residents near and far abroad. Some of them - come from Ukraine, now living abroad. For more information, visit our website On the site we offer you a clear and objective information about the recreation centers and hotels not only Kyrylivka, but all the resorts of Ukraine and Russia. Getting to Kyrylivka If you prefer to travel by train, you need to get tickets to st. Melitopol. At the exit from the railway station in Melitopol, you can: - Sit down with the railway station on the shuttle "train Melitopol - smt Kilillovka - ticket costs 15-20 USD; - Sit down with the railway station by taxi, railway station - ts.rynok, to reach the final. Nearby there is a shuttle bus: the price of a ticket to Kyrylivka one side bus - 10 UAH, shuttle - 16 UAH; - Sit down with the railway station by taxi, railway station - new Melitopol 'drive to the east. Bus. On the intercity bus station to buy a ticket to Kyrylivka on selected public bus; - And the best option to buy a bus ticket to Kyrylivka from his hometown. If you love to travel by car or motorcycle, you should choose the route Kiev-Simferopol and go to the fork with a pointer to the resort Kyrylivka. A special distinctive sign is a monument with a deer, mounted on the left side of the road. As a joke, saying that the horns of a deer symbolizes the love affair that erupt every year on the coast hospitable Kyrylivka!