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About Khorly

Khorly - a well-known village Kalanchak district, Kherson region , which is located on the peninsula Bitter Kut , bordering the Black Sea . Black sea air here is filled with lots of useful elements to the body , the high concentration of iodine , mud lake with healing powers attract many people. Tourism Horley recommended for people suffering from diseases of the joints , thyroid, as well as people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system. There are many resorts. Hunting in the Horley - its not just a way to actively relax . This is a process that stirs the soul and is able to touch the deepest , ancient and even dense layers of the subconscious. Hunting in Horley - is touching the weapons as well as a powerful excitement that we inherited from another wild ancestors , adrenaline and nor the incomparable feeling of victory . The best time for hunting - it is winter and autumn.