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Chersonese, or just Chersonese-polis, founded by the ancient Greeks to Heracleian peninsula on the southwest coast of Crimea. Now Chersonese fort is located on the territory of the Gagarin district of Sevastopol. For two thousand years Chersonese was a major political, economic and cultural center of the Northern Black Sea. The central area of ​Chersonese. Located in the middle of main street. Planted here during the initial planning of cities in V. BC. er. She has not changed his appointment to his death. In ancient times there were temples, altars, statues of gods, the ruling Peoples Council. Following the adoption of Christianity in the IV. Square has a new architectural ensemble consisting of the 7 churches. In the middle of the XIX century. in honor of Prince Vladimir of Kiev on it built the cathedral that bears his name. Chersonese theater was built at the turn III and IV centuries, it holds more than 1000 spectators. Here were held views, public meetings and celebrations. Tower of Zeno - a defensive flank tower Chersonese, one of the best preserved buildings of the citys defense. Basilica of the Basilica - a medieval church on the territory of the Chersonese - city, founded by the ancient Greeks in the south-west coast of the Crimea (now - in the National Museum "Chersonese"). Temple got its name from the fact that at one point had been built two temples - the second was built on the ruins of the first of its wreckage. Bell: plaque on the bell reads, the bell was cast in Taganrog in 1778 from Turkish guns, taken as a trophy. It depicts the patron of sailors - St. And St. Nicholas. Fock. After the Crimean War, was taken to Paris, where he remained until 1913, during the bad weather was used as an alarm bell. The return of the bells took place on 23 November 1913 at a large gathering of people and was accompanied by a solemn religious procession