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About Bush

Bush picturesque village situated at the confluence of Murafa and Bushanka . Here found guns Tripoli culture , ceramics chernyakhivska culture and other evidence of the existence of settlements over several millennia . From pre-Christian pagan times preserved cave temple . According to legend, in the XII - XIII centuries . here was an ancient Russian town Krasnopol ( Antopil ) , which was part of Galicia-Volhynia , then destroyed by the Tatars . Name the new settlement popular legend associated with the name only remaining resident zhivih - Basia ( Bushi ) : " Bush - has remained one soul ." In the XV century. Lithuanian Grand Duke Vytautas gave Bushinskii old settlement . The second floor. XVI century. Ya crown hetman Zamoyski began construction of a new castle. As part of the Polish city played a role border fortress and often subjected to attacks of Tatars ( during one of them in 1524 , the population was almost completely destroyed ) . In 1648, Bush won Bohdan Khmelnytsky , but after only 6 years old Polish troops took the city by storm . Last defenders blew up the powder magazine , dying along with part of the attackers. Castle since it was not restored , the city lost importance and is now a small village. In 2000 he established the State Historical and Cultural Reserve " Bush." Being restored monuments of history and architecture, developing green tourism . Held annually in August Sculpturing , which is decorated with numerous works of the whole village .