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About Belosarayskaya Spit

Belosarayskaya Spit - holiday village on the shores of the Sea of Azov. In times of Kievan Rus there was a city of Belgorod. In the thirteenth century. Tatar-Mongols captured the city, renamed it Belosaray. Here they traded with the Genoese and Venetian merchants. Currently, the eastern part of the spit landscaped with numerous databases and recreation and pensions. All recreation centers and hostels are located in close proximity to the sea - from 20 to 100 m. Spit was formed due to tectonic lifting the soil and the subsequent reclamation of sand. Geological age of it - more than a thousand years. Land development here began with a population of Azov Greeks, who came from the Crimea, where they were persecuted by Tatars. The Greeks brought with them elements of Tatar culture, preserved in place names (Urzuf, Yalta, Stary Krym), in architecture - houses settlers were squat, long, with a gable roof, white clay smeared outside. Hence the name White Sarai, that the Turk then White City. It is called "swan-edge" and its not just a metaphor - white beauties here are not uncommon. In Belosarayskom Reserve, which was founded here in 1995. to preserve the unique ecosystem of wetlands, is found many species of wild animals and birds. Here, on 100 hectares (Pershotravnevyy district) spread Priazovsky tsapelnik - location of the largest in the North Sea of ​​Azov colony of herons: red, gray, large and small white and other winter estuaries are flooded with water, and in the spring and summer dry, becoming covered by a carpet of grass, the landscape is changing, and it becomes very beautiful. The very spit - spit on the north shore of the Azov Sea, issued in the sea at 14 km. Belosarayskuyu spit called the island of Mediterranean flora and fauna. Spit long popular among bird place. Here is an ornithological reserve, where nesting gulls, mallards, sandpipers, geese and swans. One of the lakes is called - Swan. There are salt marshes, small lakes, estuaries. In conjunction with its beautiful beaches all make the braid Belosarayskuyu an excellent choice, and coastal waters rich in fish, allow sportfishermen complement a variety of outdoor activities - an abundance of perch, bullhead, pelengas, flounder. The resort area is always rich in vegetables and fruits.