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About Askania Nova

Biosphere Reserve Askania Nova - one of the most famous national parks in Europe , located in Ukraine. This is the only place on European territory , where fescue - feather grass steppe has never experienced the influence of man. At the reserve created zoo where animals and birds collected from around the world . It should say that in our zoo wild animals kept in spacious enclosures . In addition to the zoo reserve " Askania Nova " attracts tourists and just wanting to spend time people huge botanical park with artificial lakes and ponds. In the park you can see the trees and shrubs of all climatic zones . All these facts make our unique natural reserve zone in the land of ancient Tavrii . Our guests stroll through the extensive grounds of the park will be able to see the animals and birds from around the world , total area of 30 square kilometers, is home to about 1,000 members of the animal world. By the way animals live almost in free conditions and delight the eye with its serenity , some can feed directly with hands , but only under the watchful eye of the zoo employees . The main difference between the reserve " Askania Nova " from other similar parks and zoos - its the fact that the rare animals , imported from Europe , Asia, Africa , Australia and America get on the park with the local wildlife . The total area of animal pens is 30 m. km . And it is more than 1,000 animals and hybrid forms , including antelopes , zebras , buffalo , bison and other animals. In the steppe grazing llamas and Shetland ponies and other wild ungulates . In addition, the zoo of our reserve myriad small animals ( from mice to weasels ) .