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Hotel Sonya

Vladimirskaya, 77, Kyiv, Kyiv area , 1033,
string(19) "+38 (044) 278-58-78"
+38 (044) 278-58-78
Having traveled half the world, we collected the positive experience of many hotels, which were used to create their own business. Our hotel is located in the heart of Kiev, in the old house of the merchant Morozov. As you know, in those days a place to build a house was carefully chosen. In this building an unusually auspicious aura. This is noted by all our guests. We really wanted every guest to be able to choose the most comfortable apartments for themselves, which are made in different styles and have their names. For us, there are no small things - everything was chosen with love and soul. Our apartments have everything that a comfortable person lives in. "Sonya" is a small hotel, due to what the staff manages to react flexibly to all wishes of guests, to surround them with attention and care.

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