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Villa Arthur

Mayachniy, belosarayskaya spit, donetsk area
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+38 (067) 702-85-30, +38 (066) 578-68-68
Villa "Artur" is located in the beautiful resort village of Belosarayskaya Spit, and is one of the most worthy and already many favorite vacation spots. Its unique location: in the far corner of the spit, at the very border with the Azov coast, gives you the opportunity to completely retire in the bosom of nature, plunge into the untouched beauty and splendor of the Belosaraiskaya Spit. The distance from the villa to the beach is just 50 meters.

Villa "Artur" is unique in its location, as it is located on the very edge of the Belosarayskaya Spit, washed by the Sea of ​​Azov on both sides and is located in the very heart of the reserve.

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