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About Zhmerynka

Colorful Zhmerynka district center with a large railway junction is located 50 km southwest of Vinnitsa, on the way to Mogilev - Podolsky . Zhmerinka name became a household name a typical provincial town Jewish . It has a mythical aura of the "world center of culture " through literary work satirists Ilf and Petrov ( contrary to popular belief , the phrase O. Bender last town " , which is about " breaking waves of the Atlantic Ocean "refers to Shepetovka ) . Working village Zhmerynka originated in 1868 between the villages of Great and Little Zhmerynka ( known since the XVIII century. ) In place of felled oak forest in the construction of the railroad Kiev-Odessa . This place was chosen road builders to create a junction with branches in Lviv and Moldova. In 1903 Zhmerynka became a town , and a year later built a huge train station in the neo-Renaissance style , which remains the main attraction. Also survived built in 1910 , the Church of St. Alexis.