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About Vlodimir Volynskyy

Vladimir-Volyn - an ancient city on the river. Meadow, near the Polish border . Originated in the early Slavic times as Ladomir . Under the name of Vladimir was first mentioned in 988 in the "Tale of Bygone Years" , after having been attached to the Rus Prince Volodymyr the Great . In 1199 became the capital of Galicia-Volhynia . On the status of the strategic western outpost resemble ramparts of the fortress X-XIV centuries . Perfectly preserved white stone Cathedral of the Assumption times Mstislav II of Kiev (XII century. ) Vasilyevskaya unique church-rotunda , other temples . A few kilometers to the south is the ancient monastery Svyatogorsky Zimnensky . Location in the border area near the border crossings " Ustilug " and having a good tourist infrastructure makes the city a convenient transit point for travel to Europe.