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About Vinnitsa

Vineyard - a city of regional significance, the administrative center of the Vinnitsa region of Ukraine. The city is situated on the shores of the Southern Bug. Flows through the city and small rivers Tyazhilovka, Vinnichka and Cherry. Vineyard is one of the oldest Ukrainian cities. In ancient times the place of the current town called paradise, a river god of the South - God. Regarding the title, there are several versions. According to one of them, the name comes from Old Slavic Vinnitsa vno word that translates as "gift". Other versions are associated with translation of the word Vinnitsa as a distillery, where the beer brewed wine, as well as with the river Vinnichka. This area was inhabited by people since ancient times. Status of Vinnitsa found in the XV century. Among the main attractions of the city - Fire tower, museum-farmstead AN Pirogov, A. Brusilov house, the house-museum Kotsyubinsky, the ruins of "Werewolf", a wooden Nicholas Church, Transfiguration Cathedral, Grokholski Estate, Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary of Angels, homeland museum.