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About Tulchin

Tulchin city - the former residence of the Counts Potocki . Located on the banks of the river . Selnitsa 80 km south of Vinnitsa. The city is known from 1607 as a Polish castle Nestervar the rivers and Selnitsy Tulchanki , belonged to the Kalinovskys . In 1726 became the property of Count Potocki . Preserved magnificent palace S. Potocki (1782) , considered one of the finest examples of classicism in Ukraine. Also survived Petit Palais, who served in the 1796-97 years. headquarters commander of the South - Western Army , Field Marshal Alexander Suvorov ( monument ) . The building Officers Assembly ( 1820 ) , where the assembled Decembrists led by Colonel P. Pestel open History Museum ( home Pestel not preserved) . In the beginning . XX century. Tulchin composer lived and worked N. Leontovich, his estate is a museum . Monuments of architecture of XVIII century. are the Dominican church in the style of early classicism (now - Orthodox Cathedral of the Nativity ) and Assumption church with a bell tower