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About Stone-Kashirsky

Stone chronicles city of Kashira - the regional center in northwestern Ukrainian Polessye. Located 50 km north- east of Kovel , near the border with Belarus. First upomianetsya in 1262 in the " Ipatiev Chronicle " as a fortress under the stone when describing war Volyn prince Vasilko Romanovich Lithuanians . Near the fortress there was a settlement Kosher . On the right bank of the river . Zircons preserved remains of the city " Castle " ( it posted school). In the XV-XVII centuries . Stone - Kashira belonged Lithuanian princes Sangushko - Kashira , when they received the Magdeburg Law. In 1628 was founded the Dominican monastery , who later became the parish church ( rebuilt in Soviet times under an office building ) . Since the XVIII century. preserved two wooden churches - Elijah and Nativity of the Virgin . During World War II in the vicinity of Partisan detachments and school chiefs UPA.