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About Skadovsk

Skadovsk - a unique place. The city is located not just on the Black Sea, and in Dzharylgachskogo Bay. Island Dzharylgach protects against strong waves from the open sea. A sandy beaches and crystal clear waters of the island or is inferior to the most famous beaches in the world. Boat trips to the feeding of seagulls, observation of dolphins, an unforgettable experience. Bay is not deep, that guarantees the warmest water on the coast. The algae provide a rich atmosphere of iodine, which together with sea water promotes treatment of diseases of musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, thyroid, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract and other quiet and clean city with good infrastructure. Sea port provides a ferry to Turkey. Edge of the farm. The market is always fresh, local vegetables at low prices. Along with boarding houses and hotels in Skadovsk among tourists, accommodation is very common in the private sector. This is primarily due to the optimal balance of price and quality. Also, choosing a holiday in the private sector of the city, tourists need not worry about the time and date of arrival, since at any time, even in high season, can be found willing to hand over accommodation.