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About Pervomaisk.

Pervomaisk city located in the north -western part of Mykolayiv region, 180 km from Nikolaev , the confluence of the Southern Buh and Sinyuha . In the second half of XX century Pervomaisk becoming a major industrial center , whose main industries are machine building, light industry, food processing industry. In 1955, the city put into operation a sugar factory , and in 1956 gave the first production Pervomajskij milk factory . In 1961 he was commissioned a furniture factory . In the late 60s built stone-crushing plant "Granit" , a bakery and canned-vegetable plant . In 1968 commissioned the first phase of the plant "Fregat" , mastered the manufacture of powerful sprinklers . In 1976 completed Pershamajski slaughterhouse , one of the largest in Ukraine. In February 1954 Pervomaisk joined the Mykolaiv region. On the eastern outskirts of the town in the valley of the Southern Bug River originates Granite - Steppe Pobuzhzha