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About Kalanchak

Kalanchak - urban village center district, is located on the river Kalanchak . Distance to the railway station on the line Kalanchak Kherson - Djankoi - 16 km, to the regional center -104 km . About the ancient settlement of the territory of modern Kalanchak evidence discovered remnants of settlements and burial mounds from the Bronze Age (III-II millennium BC. E . ) . During excavations revealed a unique religious building with three anthropomorphic stelae and burial of the Scythians , Sarmatians and nomads X-XIII centuries . Automatic telephone exchange in the village provides a link with all the settlements of the district , as well as with the regional center . Regular bus connection is made with the villages of the district, with the city of Simferopol , Jankoi , Skadovsk , Kakhovka , Tsyurupinsk and Chaplinka . A few kilometers from the highway passes Kalanchak Tsjurupinsk - Simferopol . Zone North Crimean canal became planned resting place workers. In the village , especially along the river , the green area