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About Jampol

Border town Yampol located on the bank. Dniester , at the confluence of the river. Rusava . Already existed in the XVI century. Considered significant commercial center due to its location near a convenient crossing of the thresholds , downstream from where the river was navigable . In the beginning . XVII. great crown hetman Jan Zamoyski built a castle (not preserved ) . According to one version , the city got its name from the name of the hetman. Becoming Cossack stronghold during the War of Liberation , Yampol badly damaged in 1651 during a punitive campaign dipole forces Hetman M. Kalinowski , for decades lay in ruins . In the beginning . XVIII century. Potocki new owners began the restoration of the city - had a pier , warehouses for goods. In 1770 Nicholas Church was built . In 1795, the city became the county Yampol Podolia , although in fact remained a big village . Status of the district center still retains , but remains one of the most backward towns of the oblast . On the shore , you can visit the Sculpture Park . The old Jewish cemetery and between Jampol . Thresholds buried tzaddik Borch Rabinovich, " Zolochevsky Magid ," the great-grandson of the founder of Hasidism Yisrael Beshta . On the banks of the Dniester Moldovan Yampol connects ferry operates an international border crossing . Of its neighbor . Tsekinovka overlooks the Moldovan city of Soroca and located on the bank of the Dniester Soroca Fortress (XV c. ) - The most famous monument of defensive architecture Moldovan .