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About Ishmael

The exact date of its founding is not defined, but it is known that the modern city at different times, there were settlements of different eras . XVI century - The Ottoman Empire conquered village Smil on the site which was built fortress of Izmail . XVI-XVII century - The fortress of Izmail subjected to numerous land and sea attacks Ukrainian Cossacks. The last third of the XVIII century - A fortress besieged by Russian troops during the Russian -Turkish war of 1787-1791 and 1768-1774 . 11 (22) December 1790 - The winning assault on the fortress of Izmail and Russian troops under the command of Ukrainian Cossacks AV Suvorov , held during the Russian -Turkish war of 1787-1791 . 14 ( 26) October 1812 - Founded in 1809 by the Decree of the Senate suburb fortress given city status . It was named after its founder - Major General S.A.Tuchkova , commandant of all the fortresses of Bessarabia. 1826 - Approved the first coat of arms of the city. 18 (30) March 1856 - Under the terms of the Treaty of Paris Ishmael went to the Principality of Moldavia , who was under the protectorate of the Ottoman Empire. The fortress was disarmed , the property removed , and strengthening blown razed . 1856 - The city returned to its original name - Ishmael . 1878 - On the basis of Russian - Turkish war of 1877 - 1878gg . Danubian lands became part of the Russian Empire. 1883 - The beginning of the regular Russian shipping on the Danube. 1903 - Black- Stock Company Danube Shipping converted to Russian Danube Shipping . January 1918 - Bessarabia incorporated into the Kingdom of Romania . June 28, 1940 - Bessarabia became part of the USSR. December 7, 1940 - Formed Izmail region . July 22, 1941 - Ishmael occupied by German - Romanian troops August 26, 1944 - The city liberated by the 3rd Ukrainian Front during the Jassy- Kishinev Operation . October 14, 1944 - Created the Soviet state Danube Shipping Company . Before 1954 - Ishmael is the regional center . 1952 - Opened in Izmail Pedagogical Institute . 1950 - 60s - Period of dynamic economic development of the city. Were built and modernized enterprise processing , food, light industry , as well as enterprises maritime complex . July 26, 2001 - According to the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Izmail included in the List of historical settlements in Ukraine