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Donetsk - a city in eastern Ukraine, the administrative center of Donetsk Oblast, on the river Kalmius. A major industrial center. In Donetsk, there are 254 officially registered as a monument of cultural heritage. The city has 11 cinemas, 53 Palace of Culture Club, 140 museums and museum rooms, 368 library with more than 15,522,662 books, 16 primary specialized schools of art. Land development in the region of Donetsk Zaporozhye was launched, as well as the Don Cossacks in the XVII century. In 1869, the Welshman John Hughes begins the construction of smelter workers settlements Yuzivka. Date of construction of the village is considered the founding of the city of Donetsk. In 1917 Yuzivka village became a town. In 1932 the city became a center of Donetsk region. In 1970, UNESCO has recognized the best Donetsk industrial city in the world. In April 1978, the population of Donetsk exceeded one million inhabitants, but in 2006, due to the demographic crisis, has decreased somewhat. The first street called lines, the main street of the city street. Artem in the 1880s was the only one in town.