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About Bershad

Bershad - city (up to 1966 - urban-type settlement ) , the center Bershad region Vinnitsa region of Ukraine , on the river Dohna (pool Southern Bug ) . The city is old and opaque , and the meaning is not decrypted until now. Some believe that the name comes from the Turkic " Breg " - security , while others believe that the name comes from the Tatar " Beres " - a razor. There is a legend about the daughter governors Bershad, who led the defense of the city against the Tartars . There is also the explanation: the name comes from the name of a German - Bernsha , who first began building settlements . The city is narrow gauge railway station Rudnitsa - Golovanivsk . Bershad - one of the largest cultural centers of Vinnitsa region. Bershad city , known since 1459 as a fortress with a six-meter shaft on the southern border of Grand Duchy of Lithuania , located 60 km from Kryzhopol , 35 km from the site of the historic Battle of Bogdan Khmelnitsky under Batih . Local tradition calls the founding year of 1459 , although the date of this conditional , because it was not confirmed by historical data . Industry: alcohol plant, plants and milk powder metal products , furniture and clothing factories. Electrical Plant , food businesses . Museum. In 1827 he built the first Bershad Ukraine sugar factory , Kojima Bershad has long been famous for having received the name " diabetes Donbass " . Currently, the plant does not produce sugar, indoor plant set up the production of aerated concrete .