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About Bar

Bar - a city of regional significance in the Vinnitsa region of Ukraine , the administrative center of the district Barsky . The city is situated on the river Rov.Syuda can be reached by train or bus from Vinnitsa and Kamenetz-Podolsk . It is difficult to believe that at one time bar blaring all skirts and was called the "Gate of the Polish Ukraine." Strengthening appeared here before Queen Bona Sforza renamed city of Rova Bar - in honor of his hometown near Naples Bari . It is known that in 1452 . Tatar horde sacked and its castle moat . Fortress , still half- earthen , was rebuilt at the beginning of the XVI century. Voivod Stanislav Odrovonzhem , and 1537g . together with his wife went to the city of King Sigismund I, Neapolitan Bona d Aragon. Due to the highly educated daughter of Isabella of Aragon Bar gets Magdeburg rights and arms , which adorned the initials BS, that meant her residence place . Believe that it is the beginning of Queen Bona build in stone building ( 1540 ) . Moat dammed river dam formed pond to the defense of the fortress. In the 1630s the castle be left to stand too long military architect Guillaume de Boplan - commissioned by the great hetman Stanislaw corona Konetspolskogo who posted his residence here . Barska fortress was considered at the time the second most powerful after Kamenetz , but it did not help her survive the attack of the Cossacks Maxima Krivonosa in 1648 . , Which destroyed the towns population . Now five bunk towers, bastions and scarps were only memories. But fragments of the castle walls ( St. B. Schwarz 7) is still clearly visible in the city park over the pond . The citys name went down in history thanks to the famous Bar Confederation ( 1768 ) , and that " rioters " - Confederates indirectly caused the destruction of the fortress in the town : the fortifications were destroyed Moscow shelves Apraksina during battles with the Confederates 9 and June 30, 1768g . Far away from the park with the remains of the castle is a neat Gothic church of St . Anna (the beginning of the XIX century . ) , Built on the site of an ancient temple. Next to the church - Church of the Assumption ( 1757 st. St. Nicholas , 10 /22), as a manifestation of the Podolsk tolerance and tolerance have always distinguished the different peoples that inhabited region . A little further is the working Pokrovsky Monastery (1531-1787 str. International , 55). From a distance less than the construction resembles a church -storey building in the Baroque style . Back in 1616g . this place was a Carmelite Monastery with the College , was destroyed during the Cossack war. In 1701-1787 years. Poland and Collegium and the monastery were rebuilt in stone.