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About Artsiz

Arsis city founded in 1816 by German colonists who migrated from Württemberg . The settlement got its name from the French town of Arsi , near which , in March 1814 the allied forces ( Russian , Austrian and Bavarian ) defeated Napoleons army on the river Arcis- sur -Aube . The main occupation was agriculture settlers . Grew wheat , corn, barley ; bred cattle , sheep and horses. Of particular significance was viticulture and horticulture . At the beginning of XX century begins the development of industry in the city. In 1916, the city built a train station , locomotive depot and workshops. In 1945-50 were restored after the war and bread brick factories, weaving factory , mills and industrial combine . In 1950-54 built meat processing plant, tank farm and motorcade . In the same period begins rapid growth of viticulture . In 60-70 built concrete products plant , foundry-mechanical plant , creamery and Stroygidravlika [citation 1178 days ] . April 19, 1991 the Executive Committee of the City Council approved Artsyz emblem of the city . Basis of arms - Varangian heraldic shield with the foot , divided into three parts by two curves. In the middle part on a blue background depicts a heron with a stone in his paw , symbolizing peace, friendship and happiness , as well as vigilance (stone paw ) . Lateral margins - gold vine grapes on a red background - diligence population and land fertility . Stonework at the base of the shield symbolizes the solidity of all nationalities living in the area. Curve separating the upper sectors - topographical designation railway - the growth of industry and technical equipment of the city. Red symbolizes the bravery and courage , blue - the beauty and grandeur , gold - wealth, justice and generosity. Now the city has the following major enterprises plant reinforced concrete products , machine-building plant , and experimental foundry-mechanical plant , gas supply, train depot ; dairy, bread-baking , meat , food factory , winery, elevator . Working 7 petrol stations , 3 mills, oil presses 7 , 2 smokehouses , 2 bakeries . The city has more than 300 retail and 80 - catering . Agriculture . Area of land is 121.9 thousand hectares , including 99.1 thousand hectares of arable land and 6 hectares of perennial plants . 3 hectares of arable land is irrigated . Key w / crops - wheat, barley, sunflower, corn . Of great importance is viticulture.